Thank you for visiting my homesite! I get many comments, suggestions, nice words and good ideas through other channels, but surprisingly (to me) few here! Come on! Write a comment or ask a question by clicking the blue button.
Skrevet av Brandon, 31. mar, 2022
Thank you for creating this site it has been an invaluable resource to me since I have started shooting film and fallen in love with the various models of Pentax SLRs.
Skrevet av Géza Pál, 2. sep, 2020
I am asking for your consent so that I can use your excellent materials at the camera history museum to be established in a small Hungarian village (name: Alsomocsolad).
Best Regards
Skrevet av Bosse, 20. apr, 2019
You are right about the first edition of the Biotar, but the serial number tells us that this particular lens was produced in '51 or, more likely in '52. Source: Camerapedia Carl Zeiss serial numbers. (Based on Wilkinson and Glanfield: A lens collectors Vade Mecum.)
Skrevet av contax slr, 16. apr, 2019
Hi. The Biotar on your Contax 2954 was released for sale in November 1949 so it is contemporary with the camera.
Skrevet av Bosse, 10. feb, 2019
Hi Raphael,
Thanks for the good words! Concerning *ist: there are some for sale on e-bay right now. Digital and film. A very good camera with top display is K-3. But the most important factor for a good result is not the camera,it's the one behind it.
That comes to mind when looking at the candidates for Pentax Forum picture of the month. The best ones there are taken with elder cameras. And perhaps the very best for January, imho, is with an *ist!!
Good luck with your collection!
Skrevet av Raphael, 10. feb, 2019
Talking about Pentax I decided that is nice to have the last Pentax 35mm film SLR, the *ist and the first Pentax DSLR, the *istD. Both SLRs are hard to find and buy. It is sad, but *ist very underrated camera.
In my mini collection I have also K100D Super (shutter count around 60500 since 2008) and I recently added K20D.
A buying argument for me is an SLR or DSLR to have top (upper) LCD display, because I use it.
Today only a few (more advance models) Pentax cameras have top LCD.
I would like to salute you for your web site.It shows real SLR history.
Skrevet av Bosse, 18. jan, 2019
Hi Clemens,
As I state on my first page, this site is about 35 mm penta prism slr cameras. That rules out the Pentacon Six, Pentax 6x7, Pentax 645 and many other medium format slr cameras.
Best regards
Skrevet av Clemens Beyer, 18. jan, 2019
hey, great site... but you've forgotten one: the Pentacon Six SLR !
Skrevet av, 11. aug, 2018
Hi thanks for letting ask some questions can you tell what year the camera is and directions on it with serial number ?
Skrevet av Melina, 20. jul, 2018
A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
Skrevet av Kaia, 29. jun, 2018
Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.
Skrevet av Ernst, 11. mar, 2018
Hi Bosse,-just come home to open + register on your website. My god,- is it simply phantastic to see all those wonderful cameras you have collected over all these years! I have a LOT of questions,- but not today...
Skrevet av Joey Back, 27. jan, 2018
Great website! Thanks for the info.
Skrevet av, 17. jan, 2018
I have a Asahi Pentax SB with original 55 2.2 lens and case. I do not collect so would like to sell it. I can't find the best way to sell. Do you have any thoughts?
Thank You
Skrevet av Vina Jones, 16. sep, 2017
I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

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02.11 | 16:32

Thank you! I should have said around 500000. Also remember that sometimes a top plate was broken and had to replace it with a spare one numbered differently.

01.11 | 20:18

I think your SN indications for the S1 may be a little off. I just picked up a chrome one with SN 527384.

09.08 | 09:58

I do not know that model code. Please check for model name.

08.08 | 20:58

Hi I have a Konica Minolta code 3739740 please advise if there are film strips available for this camera? I'd appreciate the help. Thank you