Only Canon, Nikon and Canon?

Where have all the flowers gone?

When reading camera ads and articles these days one gets the impression that there are only three brands: Canon, Nikon and Canon. Well, there are more, but they seem to drown in the intense marketing of the biggest ones. And certainly there have been many more during the life of the PP SLR. Forests and meadows of colourful flowers in terms of innovative contributions to the camera history. 
Presented here are the many brands that are not making PP SLRs anymore, included the digital versions. Some are totally out of business, some are still there but not making cameras, some make cameras but not PP SLRs. Almost all cameras shown are of my collection. The few mentioned but not shown are not. Yet.

The lost brands are presented decade by decade. All brands are given a page of their own. Years of production are from the first to the last PP SLR. The company usually is older and may have lived longer, but producing other cameras or other products.

The Lost Brands:

Agfa:           Agfa: 1958-1966PP SLR 1955-1959
Aires:          Aires: 1959-1960PP SLR 1955-1959
Alpa:           PP SLR: 1948-1954The Origin:,  Alpa: 1949-1978
Alsaflex:      The non-PP specials
Braun:         Braun: 1958-1962PP SLR 1955-1959
Chinon:        Chinon: 1966-1989
Contaflex:    Zeiss Ikon: 1953-'72 PP SLR: 1948-1954
Contax S:     Contax S: 1949-1962PP SLR: 1948-1954The Origin: 
Cosina:         Cosina: 1969-2004
Duflex:        Gamma DuflexThe Origin:
Edixa:          Edixa: 1954-1971PP SLR: 1948-1954
Exakta:        Exakta: 1950-1969PP SLR: 1948-1954
Focaflex:      The non-PP specials
Fujica:          Fujica: 1962-1987 PP SLR: The 70s
Kiev:            Kiev: 1964-1994 PP SLR: The 60s
Konica:         Konica: 1960-1987PP SLR: The 60sPP SLR: The 80s
Kowa:           Kowa: 1960-1973
Krystal:        Lost Brands: 60s Zenit: 1952-2005
Mamiya:        Mamiya: 1961-1984 , PP SLR: The 60s
Minolta:        PP SLR 1955-1959 Minolta: 1958-2006PP SLR: The 70sPP SLR: The 80s
Miranda:       PP SLR 1955-1959 Miranda: 1955-1976
Nikkormat:    Nikomat: 1965-1978
Olympus:      Olympus: 1972-2013PP SLR: The 70s
Pentacon:     Contax: 1949-1962PP SLR: 1948-1954
Petri:           Petri: 1959-1977
Praktica:      Praktica: 1950-2001PP SLR: 1948-1954, PP SLR: The 60s
Praktina:      Praktina: 1953-1960PP SLR: 1948-1954
Rectaflex:    Rectaflex: 1948-1955The Origin:PP SLR: 1948-1954
Retina(Kodak)Retina: 1957-1966PP SLR 1955-1959
Ricoh:          Ricoh: 1962-1998 PP SLR: The 80s
Rolleiflex:    Rolleiflex:1970-'82
Savoyflex:    Savoyflex: 1958-1963PP SLR 1955-1959
Sigma:         Sigma: 1976-2016
Start:          Start: 1958-1964PP SLR 1955-1959
Tokiwa:       Tokiwa: 1955-1965PP SLR 1955-1959 The RARE ones:
Topcon:       Topcon: 1957-1978PP SLR: The 60s
Voigtländer: Voigtländer:1959-'69PP SLR 1955-1959
Wrayflex:     Wrayflex: 1959-1961PP SLR 1955-1959
Yashica:       Yashica: 1960-1994PP SLR: The 60s
Zenit:          Zenit: 1952-2005PP SLR: 1948-1954PP SLR: The 60s
Zunow:        Zunow: 1958-1959PP SLR: 1948-1954


Not included in this list are all the housebrands that have existed since the early days.

Most of them were produced by Cosina, and can be found under "The Cosina List".

I have been hinted that there are some Chinese brands out there, but so far I have only

found cameras that seem like copies of other brands, like Pentax, Minolta and Nikon. As soon

as I find independent models among them, they will be listed. (See Pentax K 1975-1997 for

Mingca copy of Pentax K 1000.)

For Cosina List, see Cosina: 1969-2004



denj 18.12.2014 10:10

Peral river S201 may be interesting, this is my one:

denj 17.12.2014 12:34

You have done a great work with your site. Can I suggest to include two Chinese brands? Seagull and Pearl River, I think they are worthy of mention.

Bosse 17.12.2014 13:25

Thanks! Seagull has been on my list, while Pearl River is new to me. I'll dive into this! Regards.

| Svar

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02.11 | 16:32

Thank you! I should have said around 500000. Also remember that sometimes a top plate was broken and had to replace it with a spare one numbered differently.

01.11 | 20:18

I think your SN indications for the S1 may be a little off. I just picked up a chrome one with SN 527384.

09.08 | 09:58

I do not know that model code. Please check for model name.

08.08 | 20:58

Hi I have a Konica Minolta code 3739740 please advise if there are film strips available for this camera? I'd appreciate the help. Thank you